Indulgences for the deceased

“Let all set great store by indulgences”
(the Church in the Code of Canon Law)

“To become a saint, all you have to do is earn as many indulgences as possible”
(St Alphonse de Liguori, Doctor of the Church)

A Roman Catholic indulgence, dated Dec. 19, 1521. The use of the printing press made possible the mass production of form documents offering indulgences.

The Church invites us to make a great deal of the indulgences which she attaches to certain prayers or good works and by which the penalty due to sin is remitted to us. It is of faith, in fact, that once the sin is forgiven, it can remain to satisfy divine justice by some temporal penalty, and that, possessing the treasure of the infinite merits of Jesus Christ and the superabundant merits of the Blessed Virgin, the Church has the power to apply them to ourselves in this life or, by way of suffrage, to the souls of the deceased who suffer in Purgatory.

Reminders of the usual conditions for the Plenary Indulgence applicable for oneself or for the deceased:

  • To do the work prescribed, with the intention (at least usual and general) of gaining indulgence.
  • Confession (even in the week before or after the prescribed work) and Communion (the day before or the week after the prescribed work).
  • If a visit to a church is requested, it can be done from the day before from noon.
  • Make any vocal prayer according to the intentions of the Sovereign Pontiff, that is to say of the Holy Church which are the following: exaltation of the Faith, extirpation of heresies, conversion of sinners, peace between Christian princes
  • to be in a state of grace

I – Indulgences that can be done throughout the year:

  • Requiem æternam etc…: 300 days each time
  • Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem sempiternam 300 days each time
  • Matins and Lauds of the Office of the Dead: 7 years, Plenary if 30 consecutive days. Under the usual conditions
  • A Nocturne and Lauds of the Office of the Dead: 5 years
  • Vespers of the Office of the Dead: 5 years
  • De profundis: 3 years [5 during November]
  • Pater – Ave – Requiem: 3 years
  • Misery: 3 years
  • Dies Irae: 3 years
  • Visiting a cemetery associated with any prayer, even mental, for the deceased: 7 years
  • Recitation of any prayer or exercise of piety for the deceased with the intention of continuing for 7 or 9 days: 3 years, once a day. Plenary under the usual conditions if recited during the 7 or 9 consecutive days.

II- Indulgences specific to the whole month of November:

Any prayer or exercise of piety for the deceased: 3 years 1 time per day; plenary if every day of the month (under the usual conditions).

III- Exceptional indulgences for the first days of November:

  • During the Octave of the Commemoration of the faithful deceased (from November 2 to 9), plenary indulgence for the visit of a cemetery by reciting any prayer, even mental, for the deceased: once a day, under the usual conditions.
  • November 2 or the following Sunday (therefore in the Octave, or one or the other): plenary indulgence for the visit of a church or public oratory by reciting 6 Pater, Ave and Gloria. You can win the plenary indulgence as many times as you do (toties quoties). According to canon 923, these indulgences can also be earned the day before from noon (from 12 noon on All Saints’ Day or from 12 noon the following Saturday).

IV- Those who performed the heroic Act of Charity in favor of the souls in Purgatory can win a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions:

all year round at each communion in a church or public oratory, every Monday for attendance at a Mass in favor of the souls in Purgatory (if this is impossible, the following Sunday).

For priests who have performed the heroic act of charity: privileged altar.


According to canon law, the confessor can commute (change) the conditions for obtaining indulgences, which are not realizable.

For example, a cemetery is desecrated by the burial or cremation of a pagan, heretic, schismatic, freemason or public sinner. Churches and chapels have been desecrated by heretical and/or schismatic worship or events.

Neither the priests nor the bishops speak of it any more. TERRIBLE ! Wake them up!!! They send their faithfull to desecrated (and therefore invalid) cemeteries, churches and chapels to earn indulgences. Since the conditions are no longer met (visiting CATHOLIC cemeteries, churches/chapels), the indulgence is also invalid. Because to deserve indulgence, you have to meet the conditions. Miserere Domine, miserere nostri!

Code of Canon Law nr 935: “Confessors can change the pious works imposed to gain indulgences, in favor of those who are legitimately prevented from accomplishing them. »

So for all those who confess to your servant (Father Eric Jacqmin) I change the following conditions:

  • Communion on the day is switched to Spiritual Communion
  • the confession 8 days before or after is commuted by an examination of conscience and an act of contrition
  • the visit to a Catholic cemetery (which no longer exists because of the desacralizations of our cemeteries) is commuted by a visit to a manifestly Catholic tomb (where there is a cross on it)
  • the visit to a chapel or church (which are practically all novus ordo and therefore desacralized) is commuted to the visit to a chapel or church where there is no longer or no liturgy at all (e.g. small chapels dedicated to Saints). If this is impossible then a visit is enough to a small oratory in your house or a room where you usually pray, a dwelling, in any case where there is a crucifix (but not a bedroom!).
  • the way of the cross in a church is switched to the way of the cross prayed at home with a crucifix (wooden by preference)
  • the rosary in front of the tabernacle is switched to the rosary in front of a statue of the Blessed Virgin, recognized by the Church (therefore no statues of unrecognized private revelations) and thinking of a tabernacle where the Host validly licitly consecrated is kept respectfully.

If there are any further questions, please call me.

Have a good devotion !

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