Indulgences for the deceased “Let all set great store by indulgences”(the Church in the Code of Canon Law) “To become a saint, all you have to do is earn as many indulgences as possible”(St Alphonse de Liguori, Doctor of the Church) The Church invites us to make a great deal Continuer à lire →

False Miraculous Medals!

To begin with: magnetized sacramentals have been dealt with by charlatans, spiritualists, or even satanists. Of course, such a medal must be buried without touching it with the skin (with a stick, etc.), in order to be neutralized. AND YES THERE ARE FALSE MIRACULOUS MEDALS WHICH ARE CIRCULATED, Miraculous fake Continuer à lire →

Five Popes accused of heresy – Five antipopes

Five Popes accused of heresy Five antipopes Open statement: The recent accusation of pope Franciscus for heresy is the continuation of a long process. An important part of the Church (14 bishops and their priests and believers) considers Popes Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Continuer à lire →