Transplantation of organs: murder and suicide ! !

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there is a new law in Wales about donation of vital organs :

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There are currently two key laws governing organ donation and transplantation in the UK: The Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006 and The Human Tissue Act 2004 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). New legislation – the Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013 – will come into effect in Wales on 1 December 2015. When the new Welsh law comes into effect, unless a person living in Wales has expressed a decision not to be an organ donor then they will be regarded as having no objection to organ donation. This is called a “deemed consent” system, or as it’s popularly known, a “soft opt out” or “opt out” system.


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But there are now transplantations possible on living persons, considered to be death:

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Types of donation

There are three different ways of donating an organ. These are known as:

  • donation after brain stem death
  • donation after circulatory death
  • living organ donation


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The problem is that some situation is considered as a death but isn’t really a decease, because the heart is still working, the blood is still circulating e.g. brain stem death, the soul is NOT separated from the body.

So you have to ask a formular at the town hall and protest that you don’t want to be donator after “death”. Otherwise donation of a vital organ (organ needed to live : e.g. heart or two kidneys) will be murder and suicide.

Of course a donation of not-vital organs (one kidney e.g.) is an act of charity.

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