Five Popes accused of heresy – Five antipopes

Five Popes accused of heresy
Five antipopes

Open statement:

The recent accusation of pope Franciscus for heresy is the continuation of a long process.
An important part of the Church (14 bishops and their priests and believers) considers Popes Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Franciscus as antipopes, because they proclaimed heresies and they are cut from the Church by the fact itself.

For detailed explanation and documentation:
Fr. Eric Jacqmin

Popes can be accused of heresy and thereby lose their papacy by the fact of heresy, read for more explanation :

Jurist Gratian

In the “Decretum”, jurist Gratian wrote a principle that was held “everywhere, always and by everybody” in the Church, hence it is an infallible Doctrine of the Tradition :

“Summa sedes a nemine iudicetur, NISI a fide devius inveniatur” :

“the Highest See cannot be judged by anyone,

unless he has been found deviating from the faith”

From Vatican II on, several popes have already been accused of heresy. Here an anthology:

Paul VI was accused of heresies by Catholic heads with many followers:

1) Rev. Father Georges de Nantes on March 28, 1973, he has handed a file in Rome: “Liber accusationis in Paulum Sextum” (letter of accusation against Paul the Sixth)

  1. On 25th of February 1982, Mgr. Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc proclaims the authorities of Vatican heretics and that, consequently, the popes have lost their position by the fact of heresy:

  2. Mgr. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, November 6th, 1985:

    1. He sends a declaration to Rome with “39 doubts” about Paul VI’s publications :
    «LES 39 DUBIA sur la DÉCLARATION CONCILIAIRE SUR LA LIBERTÉ RELIGIEUSE” given to the Congregation of the Faith by S. Exc. Mgr Marcel LEFEBVRE, Archbishop of Tulle, Founder of the SSPX.

    2. In the book, “They have uncrowned Him,” Mgr Lefebvre accused Vaticanum II of heresies in an expert manner:

  3. The 30th of April 2006 : Mgr Tissier the Mallerais accuses Benedict XVI of heresies worse than Luther’s:

  4. The Bishops of the UOGCC declare the same condemnation and publish it on internet :


    We believe that God will provide a good pope for the Church.

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