False Miraculous Medals!

To begin with:

magnetized sacramentals have been dealt with by charlatans, spiritualists, or even satanists. Of course, such a medal must be buried without touching it with the skin (with a stick, etc.), in order to be neutralized.


Miraculous fake medals are currently circulating in large numbers all over the planet. Satanic symbols have been discreetly integrated into it.

In addition, they probably received satanic incantations. These medals should not be used, not touched, but to get rid of them, take them with one or two sticks and bury them.

You can give them to a priest who will know how to dispose of them. Do not throw them in the trash because they have been blessed anyway. The priest will do whatever is necessary to neutralize them.


Here is the right miraculous medal:

on the front face:
Our Lady crushes the head of the serpent which crawls over the world.
The knee of the Blessed Virgin is not put forward as in Greek statues. This is a sign of the chastity of Saint Mary.

Corrupted symbols:

on the front face:
the “lady”'s kneel is put forward
and one no longer clearly sees a crushed snake.

on the back side :

  1. The star becomes central: the stars symbolize the apostles or the angels, this one which rises above the cross, is a symbol of Lucifer;
  2. The top of the false cross bears a satanic head;
  3. The M sees its position reversed, turned over: what was in front becomes behind, and vice versa: in other words, Mary, who is inferior to Christ, is put forward by the first branch of the letter M, and (the inferior branch under the cross of) Christ is put behind; it is reversing the roles, typically for satan.
  4. The M is no longer vertical but inclined: in other words, it no longer has the value of a pillar, because no pillar is supporting if it is tilted. “Stabat Mater”: The Mother of Jesus was standing under the cross! But there she is like “slumped”.
  5. The sword no longer pierces the heart, but is put in the background, it goes behind the heart.
  6. On several medals the heart is no longer a heart but an inverted and crowned triangle, and it is no longer a star which overhangs it, but a head with the double horns of a goat;
  7. The whole M and cross is like … striped with transverse lines, heavy horizontal vibrations weighing heavily on the earth, instead of presenting only a golden outline.

Miserere nostri Domine, miserere nostri !

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