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is Latin for : “abundant fountain”

a name given by the Church fathers

to the Church and the sources of faith, to the Tradition

16_Titian_Pentecost Artwork: Descent of the Holy Ghost, The Artist: TITIAN Date: C. 1545 Technique: Oil on canvas Location: Santa Maria della Salute, Venice Notes: Subject: The Descent of the Spirit Hosts: Art Renewal Center [Artwork] Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Artists [Artwork] Olga's Gallery - Online Art Museum [Artwork]

In the same time this word is an Acronym

 of :

Sancta Catholica Apostolica Traditionalis Una

Romana Regina Ecclesia Xti (Christi)


“Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Traditional, One, Roman,

Queen, Church, of Christ”

… it’s like a program.

This website will give information

that can interest all faithful

and about the apostolate of Father Eric Jacqmin.

Sedevacantism :

We prove in this site that a pope looses his papacy by an external and public heresy. This is the case for the actual higher clergy. So there is no pope actually. That a converted Paul VI is still living, as some people states, would be rather a miracle.

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